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Bodybuilding & Fitness – Protein vs. carbohydrate

The Australian nutrition researchers recruited 123 overweight or obese men and divided them randomly into two groups. Both groups had in one year due to an energy restricted diet to lose weight. One diet was rich in protein, while the other was rich in carbohydrate. The two diets did intend a daily energy intake of 7000 kJ of energy as well as a weight distribution as shown below.

Normal weight loss diet
Diet rich in protein

58 E%
40 E%
17 E%
35% E
25 E%
25 E%


A quarter of each bodybuilding diet group dropped out, so that 68 people had finally completed all 52 weeks.

During the trial participants completed dietary diaries, so that the researchers could check whether they held their diet. It did subjects not quite, but almost. Participants came protein diet appeared not quite enough protein and also took the slightly more fat than subjects who followed the normal weight loss diet. The group that followed the normal weight loss diet was not entirely the amount of carbohydrate, they were asked, as their carbohydrate intake was about 50 E% rather than the 58 E% which was the goal.

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After 52 weeks of diet, both groups had lost the same amount (about 12 kg). There was a significant difference in body composition. The group that had consumed more protein had in fact lost less lean body mass than the group of normal, high-carbohydrate weight-loss diet. More precisely, so lost participants protein diet 21% fat-free mass, while the people in the normal weight loss diet lost 35% fat-free mass. This suggests that the protein-rich diet better prevented the loss of muscle mass, which is beneficial during any weight loss.

Protein and health

The protein-rich courier has in the media received some criticism from various professionals. Part of this criticism has been quite next door, while the other has been justified. In the experiment, here the researchers found that the protein-rich diet was as healthy as the normal weight loss diet. The diets resulted in similar decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and insulin levels, and the diets had no negative effect on kidney function. One year intake of protein corresponding to a daily amount of 1.2 grams per square meter. kg. body weight does therefore not seem to harm neither the heart, circulatory or kidney.

You may believe that it is not particularly masculine or appealing to eat cabbage, broccoli, carrots and celery, but it can easily be done to make delicious vegetables. Be inspired online, on television or in some of the many good cookbooks on the market. Cooked broccoli and vegetables on is boring, but if you get fresh vegetables cooked properly and allying yourself with eg fresh herbs, spices and a little bit of butter, cream or bacon, so you can conjure up completely new taste experiences with healthy and hearty vegetables .

With regard. Meat, so focus on poultry, seafood, and when you feel like red meat, choose some dishes where the meat is cooked gently. Cooking a meat sauce and langtidsbraisering of various cuts at low temperature is much healthier than frying a steak hard on the forehead.


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